Do you offer international shipping?

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We love our international customers. We will ship most products to most any country in the world. Some products, such as hazardous goods like butane or other fuel products cannot be shipped on aircraft and are therefore restricted to the Continental United States and Canada.

How much do you charge?

We charge you exactly what it costs us to ship your package. We charge on a per weight basis. Effectively, this means that the heaviest item in your order will incur the greatest charge, additional items beyond that are much cheaper.

Who is responsible for paying customs duties or fees?

The customer is responsible for paying his or her government any duties, fees, import taxes, or other charge levied by customs. If you have a specific request with regards to customs, please contact us before ordering. Please note that we will not mark your item as a gift.

How do I calculate international shipping costs? sets a weight for every single product in our database. When you proceed to the checkout screen, our system will automatically calculate your shipping charge and add the total to your order. It couldn't be more simple.

What if the product I ordered cannot be shipped internationally?

If we cannot legally ship your item to your country, we will notify you by email and immediately provide you with a refund.



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