I received a broken item.

Why did my item arrive broken?

We are extremely sorry for the issue. We here at take great care and pride in packaging products for our valued customers. Believe us, we don't like our items arriving broken any more than you like receiving them.

Despite our best efforts, items will break in transit. Packages fall off trucks, get run over by forklifts, are crushed by thousands of pounds of other boxes, get wet, get tossed across rooms by shipping center employees, get chewed on by tigers, etc. Well, we haven't actually had the last one happen yet, but anything is certainly possible when a package travels thousands of miles and through dozens of facilities.

What do I do now?

First off, don't worry. We will make every effort to come to an equitable resolution and provide the value for which you paid. 

When you receive your package, you must retain all parts of the damaged item as well as the packaging in which it came. Unfortunately, if you discard the item or packaging, we will be forced to deny your damage claim.

If your item is received damaged, you must not use it in any way whatsoever. Although we don't wish to do so, we will have to deny your claim.

We will request pictures of both the item and the packaging, do not throw away anything.

You must contact us within 3 calendar days of receiving your item. Damage claims made after this period will be denied. Your claim may take longer to resolve than the 3 day period, but as long as you contact us with a damage notification we will accept it as being within the time limit.

Please include pictures of the damaged pieces and several of the packaging in which it came. Please notate in your email any significant damage marks we may not be able to see clearly in pictures.



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