How does your rewards program work?

Why offer a rewards program? strives to continually deliver excellent products and services at a fair price. We're excited to introduce our rewards program, BAKEBUCKS. With Bakebucks, you will be rewarded for continuing to shop with us.

How does it work?

Every customer is automatically enrolled in BakeBucks for FREE when they open an account. You will receive 500 BakeBucks just for opening an account. We then award you 5 BakeBucks for every dollar spent. Thus, if you spend $ 100 at the store you will be awarded 500 BakeBucks.

How do I redeem points?

Redeeming points is very simple. Click the rewards widget on the screen, then click "spend points". You can then click on an amount to redeem. Once you select it, our system will automatically email you the coupon code for your redemption amount. You can currently redeem your BakeBucks once it's reached 1500, 2500, or 5000. These correspond to discounts of $ 15, $ 25, and $ 50 respectively. 100 BakeBucks correspond to $ 1 off.

Can I use BakeBucks with other offers?

You earn BakeBucks for every dollar spent. If you use store credit or coupon codes, you will earn BakeBucks on the total that you actually spend. Hence, a $ 100 order with a 10% promotional discount will cost you $ 90, and earn you 450 BakeBucks.

You may earn BakeBucks in conjunction with any other offers or store credit. BakeBucks can be earned only for transactions made on, purchases made from other sales channels are not eligible.

How much does it cost?

BakeBucks is completely FREE to our customers. You earn BakeBucks simply for your loyalty and continued business.


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