My order says shipped, but I can't track it.

Why can't I track my order even though it says shipped?

We are extremely sorry for the issue. makes every effort to provide accurate tracking data and to update orders with accurate information.

If we changed your order status to shipped within the last 24 - 72 hours, chances are that the carrier simply has not updated tracking. USPS tracking may take a very long time to update, depending on the destination point of the package. FedEx and UPS provide better tracking updates, but they still do so on a fairly long delay.

We have seen many cases where an item shipped from California to New York did not show an update until it reached a facility in Pennsylvania.

During the holidays or other busy seasons, tracking may not be updated by the carrier until it has almost reached its final destination.

We ask that if your order was changed to shipped within the last 1 - 3 days to please be patient. Your tracking will update and your item will arrive.

If tracking has not updated for more than a few days, please contact us and we will investigate the situation.

I called the carrier, they said they didn't receive it. What gives?

Support agents at shipping carriers only know information that has been entered into their system. If an employee at the origin neglected to scan your package as it was processed, carrier support will state that they don't have it. This doesn't mean that the carrier physically did not receive your item, simply that they can't currently locate it. Don't worry, in our experience 99.9% of items will arrive safely even if tracking is temporarily delayed. If it's been more than a few days, contact us so we can resolve the issue.


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